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About Us

BCS Globals, a leading turnkey solution provider for Food & Beverage industry since 2013 has done more than 100+ turnkey projects around the globe for prestigious beverage brands. BCS Globals has now come up with their own beverage brand, Wox which solely deals with manufacturing and retailing of Energy Drinks.


To provide innovative and sustainable energy beverages that empower individuals to achieve their peak potential, while fostering a healthier and more vibrant world.


We prioritize the well-being of our consumers. Our mission is to provide energy solutions that not only boost performance but also support overall health. We work tirelessly to reduce the sugar content and artificial additives in our products, while promoting responsible consumption. 






Pour Proudly

Initially, Wox was launched with an exclusive range of energy drinks. Since its launch, Wox has been known for its highest quality standards across 10+ countries. Now, Wox Energy Drink is being introduced to the Indian market with 4 exclusive variants namely Classic, Absolute Black, BCAA and Zero edition.

Team BCS Globals with its deep understanding about food & beverage manufacturing technology has been able to develop world class quality range of energy drinks from a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Team BCS Globals evaluated the scope of energy drink market and estimated it to be more than 8$Bn and increasing at a rate of 7% per annum.

Our Story

Over the Years


BCS Globals was formed


Started working with a prestigious global beverage brand.


Participated in World Anuga Food, Cologne, Germany


Participated in Gulf Food, Dubai


Completed 100th Food & Beverage project


 Launch of BCS Globals first beverage brand ‘Wox’


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Become Part of Our story